About Amira… 

Amira was found on the streets of Los Angeles in terrible condition… We found each other at that time in life and since 2007 we have been inseparable.
When we first came together we sat down on the sofa and I went through a list of names to see what she thought; each time I said ‘Amira’ she quickly reacted and I knew that was her name. ‘Amira’ means ‘Princess’ in Arabic… And from then a true princess was born!

Amira has since travelled widely, enjoyed the ‘high life’ quite often and she also has aided countless other homeless animals to good health and finding their life long homes… everything from dogs, cats, to squirrels, baby birds and even a horse!

Amira has also been my true little Angel, without her over the years through many highs and lows I truly have no idea where I would be. I only know I would not be where I am today without her.

In May 2016 Amira suddenly fell very ill coughing out of the blue and fainting… our lives changed every since when she was finally diagnosed with heart failure. She has mitral valve failure, stage 4 heart failure and pulmonary edema… along with other ailments that coincide with this condition. Now at around 11 years old, we are enjoying every moment possible and doing all we can to have a healthy longer life…

This is our journey… ❤


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